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    Ski Time


    0-15 Minutes                                                                              $60
    30 Minutes (time can be shared with another skier in your group)  $115
    45 Minutes (time can be shared with other skiers in your group)    $165
    60 Minutes (time can be shared with other skiers in your group)    $220

    BEGINNERS: Some people can learn to ski in 5 minutes others may take longer, you decide how much time you would like to start off with and we will take if from there.

    CANCELLATIONS: When making a reservation please keep in mind that you are making a commitment to us as we are making a commitment to you. Your appointment is reserved exclusively for you. We can only accommodate a certain amount of reservations per day and once they are filled the remaining skiers are turned away. You are still responsible for your booked ski time if you cancel or do not show up. If however you have to cancel and we can fill your time slot with a skier from our cancellation list then we will do so and you will be not charged.

    Block Time Discount: If you are a slalom skier you can purchase a one hour block ($220) and break it up into 10 minute, 12 minute or 15 minute sessions. 10 minute minimums on each session from the hour block. We keep record of your account.

    We cater group bookings. If you would like to rent the lake, boat, driver and equipment for a party, wedding, corporate event, movie, etc. Give us a call or come and see us and we'll give you a quote.